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Visiting Okanogan Highlands Lavender Farm is a tangible way to connect students in their youth with agriculture, alternative energy, and their peers in community skill sharing activities. 

Coach our future generations to provide stewardship to our natural environment that surrounds us.


  Teach self-sufficiency to children by teaching them to garden. Simply being out in nature and sharing the responsibility for living things is invaluable. Most children love nature, flowers and gardens because it engages them in their surroundings. Lessons obtained from the farm will teach students by giving them the curiosity and the same wonder of a child who has come to a place that they have never visited before. 

With the different activities the Okanogan Highlands Lavender Farm provides students will gain an educated passion for farming, self-enlightenment, eco-education, alternative energy, and community skill-sharing.    

  Students learn about the value of farming, the herb lavender for health, and also experience first-hand production from the field to the market. The setting also allows integration of the subjects of; science, math, language, arts and nutrition to life through engaging in hands-on activities.  

Farm field trips to the Okanogan Highlands Lavender Farm will make life long memories for students.  


The hands-on learning environment the farm provides is invaluable to student’s educational growth. The lessons farm field trips will cover topics such as farming, self-enlightenment, eco-education, alternative energy, and community skill-sharing. Students learn about farm practices, chores, animals, plants, the farm lifestyle, the product, and farm ergonomics. 

Children are the future generations of community speakers. Connecting your school to the Okanogan Highlands Lavender Farm will help build the invaluable relationship between student and farming and between young adults and our natural environment.  


 The OHLF’s specifically designed curriculum will engage interpersonal skills, arise awareness of community responsibility and encourage strong family ties. Okanogan Highlands Lavender Farm will provide the various age groups with programs designed in conjunction with your school district to best suit all ages and work hand in hand with your agricultural departments actual curriculum. 

Included: guided walk tour of lavender fields & processing center. Students will be able to experiment with Lavender by making bouquets, observing soap making, and extracting lavender oil.     

Our primary goals

  - Educate youth about our relationships with lavender as flower and herb by understanding its medicinal value, inner importance, and cultural significance.

 - Connect students to the natural world as a learning resource and as a place for exploration and personal growth. 

- Provide the Environment for Children to Understand Farming, Alternative Energy, Self-Sufficiency, & Community Skill Sharing.